2023-24 U16 Blue

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Name # High SchoolPositionGrad Year
Karissa Abers1WarwickMH/OH2026
Kira Abers19WarwickOH/MH/DS2026
Kierra Esh9Garden SpotOH2026
Alyssa Gehr10Lamp. Straus.OH2026
Kylie Masters12Mt CalveryOH/DS2026
Addison Martin17EphrataS2026
Albany Reaggs8ETownMH/OH2027
Chloe Saylor23EphrataDS/L2026
Natasha Wee4Penn ManorS2026

Tournament Information / Results

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**Tournament*DivisionFinishTotal TeamsMatches WonMatches LostSets WonSets Lost
MLKNational-PM waveGold
5th overall
AAU York Grand PrixGirls 16 Gold 5th overall224182
Prez DayNationalGold
2nd overall
Blue Ribbon BrawlGirls 16Gold 5th overall324183
Irish RumbleNationalGold 3rd overall2451103
York StrongGirls 162nd overall2271122
NEQ 4American9th overall12871143
May MadnessNational3rd overall143264
Happy VolleyGirls 16
AAU NationalsPremier