2023-24 U16 Blue

Link to practice schedule – Remember to look at the 16 Blue column!

Name # High SchoolPositionGrad Year
Karissa Abers1WarwickMH/OH2026
Kira Abers19WarwickOH/MH/DS2026
Kierra Esh9Garden SpotOH2026
Alyssa Gehr10Lamp. Straus.OH2026
Kylie Masters12Mt CalveryOH/DS2026
Addison Martin17EphrataS2026
Chloe Saylor23EphrataDS/L2026
Albany Reaggs8ETownMH/OH2027
Natasha Wee4Penn ManorS2026

Tournament Information / Results

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**Tournament*DivisionFinishTotal TeamsMatches WonMatches LostSets WonSets Lost
AAU Grand Prix – YorkGirls 16
Prez DayNational
Blue Ribbon BrawlGirls 16
Irish RumbleOpen
NVA March MadnessGirls 16
NEQ 4American
May MaddnessNational