Skills and Drills

Position/TeamDescription Link
PlayersUSA Scoring – video on how to keep scoreUSA
PlayersUSA Scoring – assistant scorekeeper/Libero TrackingUSA
PlayersUSA Score sheet – print this to practice withKRVA
PlayersHow to second refereeUSA
SettersEncourages setters to get used to using their hands in different positionsArt of Coaching
SettersThumbs ‘back to flat’ shaping the ball to get more push on the setArt of Coaching
Setters3 dos and don’tsArt of Coaching
DefendersDemo and explanation of the extension aka ‘side slide’Art of Coaching
DefendersHow to handle high balls to the side – drop step/dip shoulderArt of Coaching
DefendersHow to pass a deep ball in line with your bodyArt of Coaching
Team Drill6 v 6 drill to emphisize minimizing team errorsArt of Coaching
ServingHow to develop a jump float serveArt of Coaching
ServingHow to develop a jump float/top spinVictoria Garrick
PlayersHow to use the USA Scorekeeping sheetUSA VB
PlayersExplanation of the LiberoArt of Coaching
PlayersRules of SubstititionsArt of Coaching
SettersSetting passes that are high and spinningArt of Coaching
PlayersBeginners game to ‘read’ the hitterArt of Coaching
PlayersAttacker – AOC playlist of progressionArt of Coaching
PlayersServing – AOC playlist of progressionArt of Coaching
SettersSetting – AOC playlist of settingArt of Coaching
Pin HittersOH footwork for approachArt of Coaching
BlockersBlocking footwork and arm motionArt of Coaching
Team DrillHalf court defensive drillArt of Coaching
PlayersVolleyball specific strength exercisesArt of Coaching
Middle HittersLearn to time a quick middle hitAVCA Tip