15 Blue and Grey do well!

15 Blue won the Synergy April Rain tournament held 4/29. They had a great comeback in the second game of the finals to secure the victory!

15 Grey took 3rd place at the AAU Tournament at Twin Valley.

Weekend update!

14 Blue, 15 Blue and Grey and 16 Blue and Grey all competed at Nook in the one day March Madness tournament.

15 Blue finished 3rd (again!), while 15 Grey finished 5th – losing to 15 Blue in the quarterfinals.

16 Grey fell to 16 Blue in the semi finals to finish 3rd, while 16 Blue went on to win the tournament!

14 Blue faced some tough competition and finished 4th in their pool and didn’t make playoffs this tournament.

Irish Rumble – Wrap Up!

All teams played well this weekend! 17 Blue, 16 Blue and 15 Blue all finished 3rd in the gold division of Open at the Irish Rumble at Nook. 14 Blue had a tough weekend finishing 17th.

15 Grey and 16 Grey played well at the KRVA Lucky Charm Classic in Harrisburg. 15 Grey finished 6th while 16 Grey finished 4th.

About US

Central Pennsylvania Volleyball Club (CPVBC) was created in 2010.   The club is focused on growing the sport in the Central and Eastern parts of Pennsylvania.  We are not in this as a business.   We operate with the philosophy that all money collected is put back into the players and equipment for the club.  We want to build the players’ skills and their love of the game while providing them with an opportunity to play in competitive tournaments.