All club meeting!

CPVBC will be holding an all club meeting on Sunday November 19th at LCCS.

Sessions will be an hour and a half long. Those players new to the club, or those returning players that need new uniforms will have the opportunity to try them on and get instructions for ordering them.

Parents will be expected to pay at least half of the club dues at the meeting. This allows us to pay to enter tournaments as those payments are due long before we ever play in them.

2:00 – 3:30 pm will be the U14s, U15s and U18s teams.

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm will be the U16 and U17 teams.

Fall Tryout Info!


CPVBC will be holding tryouts for U14 on Saturday October 21 from 1-3 pm and Monday October 23 from 7-9 pm at LCCS

We will also have an open gym for U14 on Sunday October 15th from 3-5pm and Wednesday October 18th from 7-9 pm at LCCS

Players are encouraged to come to both tryout sessions so they have maximum time to showcase their skills!


Tryouts for U15-U18 will be on Saturday November 11 from 1-3pm and Monday November 13 from 7-9 pm at LCCS

We will also have open gym on Sunday November 5 from 3-5pm

CPVBC Summer Tryouts

July 23rd and July 30th at Lancaster County Christian School (LCCS).

Online registration is closed.

Tryout times for Sunday July 23rd and Sunday July 30th are:

2pm-4pm for U15

4pm-6pm for U16

6pm-8pm for U17 and U18

Forms can be filled out in person at the tryout site along with the tryout fee of $50 (cash or check please as wireless connectivity is unavailable).

You will need your USA registration number for tryouts.

Season ending Tournament at ECC and results

15 Blue stubbed their toe the first day, but came back to win the Diamond division – ending 33rd

15 Grey was the Bronze Finalist – ending 25th

14 Blue had a good season ending tournament going 2-5

16 Blue made it to the gold bracket, but lost in first round to the eventual winners – ending 9th

16 Grey also had a good tournament going 2-5, ended in the Ruby division and 45th

17 Blue made it to the gold bracket, but fell short losing in the first round in a tough 3 game loss – ending 9th

17 White had a tough tournament falling short in their matches, and ended in the Ruby division – 50th

18 Blue had a good tournament – making it to the Silver bracket and ended 11th

May Madness – in the books

15 Grey turned lemon into lemonade over the weekend. They got the short end of the stick in a three way tie for first and ended up third. They went on to win the gold in the American Silver Division despite the setback! Way to go team!

15 Blue played in the National division and had to face ECP’s top KOP team in semi-finals of gold and came up short. Another 3rd place finish for them.

16 Blue played in the National division and ended the weekend in 5th place in the gold division.

16 Grey played in the American division and finished 3rd in the gold division.

17 Blue played in the National division and also placed 3rd in the gold division.

15 Blue and Grey do well!

15 Blue won the Synergy April Rain tournament held 4/29. They had a great comeback in the second game of the finals to secure the victory!

15 Grey took 3rd place at the AAU Tournament at Twin Valley.

Weekend update!

14 Blue, 15 Blue and Grey and 16 Blue and Grey all competed at Nook in the one day March Madness tournament.

15 Blue finished 3rd (again!), while 15 Grey finished 5th – losing to 15 Blue in the quarterfinals.

16 Grey fell to 16 Blue in the semi finals to finish 3rd, while 16 Blue went on to win the tournament!

14 Blue faced some tough competition and finished 4th in their pool and didn’t make playoffs this tournament.

Irish Rumble – Wrap Up!

All teams played well this weekend! 17 Blue, 16 Blue and 15 Blue all finished 3rd in the gold division of Open at the Irish Rumble at Nook. 14 Blue had a tough weekend finishing 17th.

15 Grey and 16 Grey played well at the KRVA Lucky Charm Classic in Harrisburg. 15 Grey finished 6th while 16 Grey finished 4th.

Weekend wrap up!

17 Blue wins the KRVA Capital City Freeze Tournament!

Blue Ribbon Brawl Finishes:

14 Blue finishes wins their flight, finishing 19th overall. 3-2 in match play and 6-5 is sets.

15 Grey finished 13th in the Gold bracket with a 2-3 match record and 4-6 set record.

16 Blue finished 6th overall (lost in Quarter finals of Gold) with a 4-1 match and 8-2 set record.

16 Grey finished 11th overall with a 3-2 match and 6-5 set record.

17 Grey finished 13th overall with a 2-3 match and 4-6 set record.

Prez Day Weekend Wrap Up!

Congratulations to 16 Blue for placing first in the Gold Division! 15 Blue and 17 Blue finished 3rd in Gold and 14 Blue finished 15th. 16 Grey finished in 5th in the Gold Division and 18 Blue finished 11th.